How do I publish shoutouts?

Congratulations on being accepted into Shoutcart!

When you make a sale, your order & shoutout details will be available on "Order" view when you login to Shoutcart dashboard.

Please pay attention to the details of the order like caption, image/video required to post, as well as preferred shoutout time. Customers will specify their preferred shoutout time "Posting Time (PST time zone)", do your best to post around that time.

Shoutcart provides a count down when the shoutout is due, you will see that at the top of "Order" view page, just for your convenience.

Steps required to publish a shoutout and receive payment:

  1. Create a social media post using Shoutout caption and attachment found on Order view.
  2. Come back to Shoutcart and click "Publish" button next to account your created the shoutout on.
  3. Receive credit to your balance (subject to Shoutcart fees).

"Publish" button will become available 1 hour before customers preferred "Posting Time".

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