Why did my account not meet Shoutcart Influencer standards


We get a lot of submissions on daily basis and can not provide specific reason to every member on why we did not approve their Instagram account. Here is a list of possible reasons.

We look at numerous aspects in an Instagram account, some of those things include but not limited to:

  1. Authenticity of your followers
  2. Authenticity of comments on your posts
  3. Activity of your account, amount of posts and quality of those posts
  4. Engagement on your posts
  5. At least 10k followers

We also do not approve accounts in the following niches:

  1. Provocative or suggestive themes (e.g. girls, sex, etc.)
  2. S4S accounts aimed strictly at shoutouts as the primary content
  3. Accounts that promote use of alcohol, weed, drugs or banned substances
  4. Accounts that may infringe on someones copyright or trademark
  5. Any other category not supported by Instagram terms of service & policies

Thank you for your interest in Shoutcart and your time. 

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