Stopped status

If your order or shoutout turns from running to stopped status, it means there was an issue tracking your post. Login to Shoutcart, visit order details page and try clicking "Restart" button, our software will attempt to continue tracking your post from that point on.

There are a couple things you can do to fix the issue and resume tracking:

  1. Keep your account public so we can access your posts
  2. Make sure the shoutout you are tracking is the latest/newest post on your account
  3. Don't edit caption of the shoutout, don't add hashtags or emojis or delete anything from it, post as you see the caption on Shoutcart website.

If "Restart" button doesnt fix your issue, you will have an option to upload a screenshot (or provide a link to your post) as proof of delivery. The buttons "Submit Link" or "Upload Screenshot" will appear next to "Restart" button when the duration you sold, runs out of time, and is supposed to be removed from your social media account. Here is a help article on how to upload screenshots

For additional security, please keep screenshots of the posts for yourself (we may request them later).

Its important to note that even though some of your orders may have "stopped" status, your withdrawal requests will be processed at regular schedule. However, stopped status orders WITHOUT screenshots or link attached, may be delayed. Stopped orders WITH screenshot or link as proof of delivery, will be processed faster and will be tagged "success" at payout time.

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